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Job hunting during a pandemic

Written by: Ian Hart, editor, SHP
Published on: 8 Jan 2021

In Episode 6 of the Safety & Health Podcast, four recruitment experts provide some tips and advice on looking for work during the coronavirus pandemic.

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We hear from Elliot Fisher from Acre, James Irwin from Irwin and Colton, Phil Muston from Shirley Parsons and Laura Aucott from HSE Recruitment Network. The quartet who provide some insight into health & safety recruitment during the pandemic and how it’s changed looking for a new job.

They also discuss the challenges of job hunting at this time and how to overcome them, tips for interviewing via video or telephone call and advice on how to integrate in a new company and its culture, when you might not have physically been on site or met any of your colleagues when you start.

Tune in now and listen now to Episode 6...